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Experience the many Himalayan Salt lamps used to purify and calm the treatment room environment, while receiving a massage or facial. The salt lamps offer many benefits for the human body.  They help with asthma, sinus problems, increase in energy,  neutralize electromagnetic radiation, headaches, earaches, depression, improves mood and concentration and sleeping.  Also, it produces negative ions released in the air that help with blood flow and bring dust particles to the ground for better environment to breathe in.

Having been a massage therapist since 2009, I love the feeling of helping others that are in pain or just need to feel relaxed. Three years ago, I wanted to extend my modalities and branch out into Esthetics.  I became an esthetician because taking care of the skin and using all-natural products are very important to me.  I combined this knowledge with bodywork. In 2014, I received my 200 Hr. Yoga Teacher Certification.  This certification helped increased my awareness of the human body.  Having been a Yoga Instructor, it has given me the ability to share my knowledge of different yoga positions with my clients who are experiencing a variety of physical problems.

With years in the spa and chiropractic world, I have gathered many “take aways” from clients.  Receiving a massage and/or facial are services that people require on a regular basis to cleanse and purify themselves both mentally and physically.



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