Who we are

Katie Beaver


Katie first practiced yoga in high school when it was recommended by her tennis coach as a way to stretch and prevent injury. At the College of Charleston, while studying for her degree in Sociology, yoga remained present in her life mostly on a physical basis. But after graduating, as she started exploring life as an “adult”, she felt her yoga practice transform into something more than just a movement routine. Yoga became a way for her to find deep connection and a sense of calm within.

While practicing around town at many studios she soon realized she wanted to dive deeper into her yogi path. She trusted her gut and enrolled in the 200-hour certification through the Gaea Yoga School, completing her 200hr-RYT in February of 2017. Now she is eager to further her yoga education and looks forward to soaking up as much information as she can along her journey as a Yogi.

When Katie is not in the studio you can find her serving delicious food and drinks at The Obstinate Daughter on Sullivan’s Island. The food and beverage community in Charleston has become a big part of her life, spurring on her love for food and her exploration of local farming. Aside from attempting to acquire a green thumb, Katie loves to hang on the beach, listen to music, and play with her two pups!

Everyone has different reasons for coming to the mat and Katie enjoys guiding students of all ages and levels into their own unique experience. Katie hopes her students leave her class feeling accomplished and enlivened, both in the mind and body.

Morgan Rhodes

 Morgan fell in love with yoga at age 15 and has been practicing ever since. For her, Yoga is a tool to dive deep, embrace her authentic Self, and be present (rather than trying to make each moment “perfect”). In February 2017 Morgan received her 200-Hour Certification through the Gaea Yoga School.

But before Yoga School, Morgan let the planet be her classroom. After graduating from the College of Charleston, she and her boyfriend (now her husband) took a few years to travel the world and do humanitarian work. She visited nearly two dozen countries and is so grateful for the way her explorations widened her viewpoint and shifted her perspective – just like her yoga practice.

Off the mat, Morgan is a free spirit, a writer, and a lover of learning, languages, and cats. She hopes to return to graduate school to dive deeper into the realm of Chinese Medicine. When she’s not doing yoga, you can find her reading, hiking, learning Tai Chi, training in Reiki, on the beach, or spending time with loved ones. Yoga is continually humbling her, teaching her patience, grace, and unconditional love. That balance combined with self-love and self-care has been transformational. And Morgan couldn’t be more thankful for all the blessings that led her to this exact place – right here, right now. She just can’t wait to share the practice of yoga with you.


Kate Moon

Kate Moon’s love affair with yoga began just three short years ago when running (literally) past a studio in downtown Charleston. She saw a flyer for free a community class and stood outside waiting for the doors to open to try something new on. She had no idea the transformation that was about to occur – the class broke her open, made her stare at herself head on, face challenges, breathe alongside fellow yogi’s and step out of her comfort zone. She was hooked.
Following this moment Kate practiced avidly, cleaning studio floors and stinky towels in exchange for class lessons. It became her second home and shortly after her school where she earned her 200 hour Power Yoga certification. She has continued her education, earning a special certification in Y12SR (yoga and 12-step recovery), offering recovering addicts and anyone affected by addictive behavior a safe space to share their experiences and find release on the mat and through guided meditation – an additive to their 12-step programs.
When Kate is not teaching or practicing yoga, you will likely find her running through the beautiful streets of Charleston (running – her other love affair), checking out the latest health food spot, sipping a cold brew coffee, cooking up a feast in her kitchen, or enjoying the beach with her dog and friends. Oh, and gelato – all the gelato.

On the mat, Kate hopes to share with you the experience she first had in yoga, every. single. time. The full monty of emotions if you will – the sweat, momentum, deep breath, challenge, anger, and frustration. That moment of I don’t think I can, but I’m gonna try, and then succeeding! The tears, humility, excitement, joy, complete openness and incredible bliss! That super hero, sweet sweet savasana kinda thing. Yea, it’s like that 😉